Archiving of Club's Historical Documents

Sahas Kurumety is a member of BSA Troop 133 in Worcester, PA.  He is currently a candidate for Eagle Scout which is the highest rank for Boy scouts.  One of the requirements for this rank advancement is to plan and execute a project that benefits the community or an organization that serves the community.  Sahas chose to do a project for our club.  
Our club has collected many interesting historical documents since our inception in 1949.  These documents have been stored haphazardly and have been difficult to access.  We also collected over 100 flags from other clubs all over the world.  These too have been difficult to access.  Sahas took the challenge to organize the documents into transportable file boxes.  He also created 8 banners that allow us to display all of the club flags we collected in an organized manner.
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Output From the Project