About The Program

Welcome to the Collegeville Rotary NexTrex Soft Plastics Recycling Program!

Collegeville Rotary Club is partnering with several community organizations and local businesses to take out soft plastics entering our waste stream.  

To achieve this, we are participating in the NexTrex Soft Plastics Challenge starting in Jan 2023.  Our goal is to collect at least 500 pounds of these plastics by the end of June 2023.  Once our goal is attained, Trex will donate a park bench made with Trex material that can be used in one of our public spaces.

During January, we already collected over 100 pounds.  We are looking for more businesses and local organizations to work with us to exceed our goal.  You can find more information about the types of plastics that are allowed here:   https://nextrex.com/view/educate

You can contact our dedicated Rotary volunteers to learn more about the logistics of where to drop off the plastics you collect. 

Ways for your to participate:

  1. Help us to collect soft plastics
  2. Become a collection point to collect the plastics and to provide information.  Please contact us if you are interested in doing this.
  3. Become a partnering organization to lead the program in a future period and earn a bench for your organization

As a way to make this more engaging and sustainable program over a long period of time, we are giving other organizations a chance to lead the program in 6 month intervals.  This will give each of these organizations a chance to earn a park bench and decide where they would like to place it.   Our club has already done all of the administrative work needed to enable this.  Please contact one of the volunteers mentioned below to learn more and to sign up your organization for a future 6 month time slot.  Here is what we have so far:

  • Jan - June 2023  - Collegeville Rotary Club
  • July - Dec 2020 - Trinity UCC 
  • Jan - June 2024 - Open
  • July - Dec 2024 - Open

Any other business, housing areas, or individuals are welcome to join us. All collected soft plastics will be applied to each group’s six month period as a joint effort. The more people who recycle soft plastics, the faster we can clean up our community, and add park benches everywhere.



Contact: Eileen Million pennel6437@aol.com   or   Mary Cook at marycook7430@gmail.com  or call our club phone at 484-961-0058